The McClaren — Greenville, SC

The McClaren - Greenville SC Johnston Design

The proposed development within Greenville’s West End District celebrates the contribution of Dr E.E. McClaren through a mixed-use redevelopment that combines the preservation of the historic McClaren Clinic with a modern high rise aesthetic.  Prominent public open spaces will be activated by food oriented retail, public art, a fountain, and historical interpretive elements. Over 250 residences will be co-located with a cultural center and over 14,000 sf of commercial space, all served by a 400 vehicle valet parking service.  The innovative Duraframe structural system offers a highly efficient use of recycle materials while the terracotta rain screen creates a highly durable façade with low embodied energy. Roof terraces at the third, seventh, and eighth levels together with an expansive pool and hospitality terrace offer connection to the outdoors for all occupants.

The McClaren - Greenville SC Johnston Design
The McClaren - Greenville SC Johnston Design
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