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Irene Creek

The original foundations of the Owner’s former fire damaged home provides the geometry for a new modern expression.

Cliffs Valley

Cliffs Valley

The client requested a thoughtfully planned, single floor living concept nestled in a mountain mixed hardwood forest.

1 Black Knight Trail

1 Black Knight Trail

A modern mountain home designed for the terrain and views, with seamless integration of renewable energy including passive ventilation and geothermal HVAC.

Walnut Cove - Restorative Design - Mountain home architecture

Walnut Cove

This home is a zero energy dwelling – solar and geothermal sources generate all the energy needed on an average year.

Peakwood Trail - Mountain Home - Restorative Design Architecture

Peakwood Trail

Restorative design features include intentional day lighting, passive ventilation, architecturally integrated solar thermal space and water heating, and solar photovoltaic energy collection.

High Carolina - Mountain home architecture

High Carolina

The early twentieth century Arts & Crafts homes of Asheville, NC inspired the material sensibilities of this home.

2 Augusta Links Trail

2 Augusta Links Trail

The client requested an “edgy” lodge – one that would feel like an old national park lodge renovated with a modern aesthetic.

1 Augusta Links Trail - Mountain Modern

1 Augusta Links Trail

This mountain modern home is inspired in part by the client’s memories of the Canadian Rockies.