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Paris Mountain Overlook

This mountain modern home is inspired in part by the client’s memories of the Canadian Rockies.

Panther Mountain - Cliffs Valley, SC - Johnston Design

Panther Mountain

The client’s modern aesthetic and desire for energy independence through renewables drove the design for this home. Architecturally integrated restorative design features include intentional day lighting, passive ventilation, and architecturally integrated solar photovoltaic energy collection.

Irene Creek

The original foundations of the Owner’s former fire damaged home provides the geometry for a new modern expression.

Cliffs Valley

Cliffs Valley

The client requested a thoughtfully planned, single floor living concept nestled in a mountain mixed hardwood forest.

1 Black Knight Trail

1 Black Knight Trail

A modern mountain home designed for the terrain and views, with seamless integration of renewable energy including passive ventilation and geothermal HVAC.

Walnut Cove - Restorative Design - Mountain home architecture

Walnut Cove

This home is a zero energy dwelling – solar and geothermal sources generate all the energy needed on an average year.

Peakwood Trail - Mountain Home - Restorative Design Architecture

Peakwood Trail

Restorative design features include intentional day lighting, passive ventilation, architecturally integrated solar thermal space and water heating, and solar photovoltaic energy collection.

High Carolina - Mountain home architecture

High Carolina

The early twentieth century Arts & Crafts homes of Asheville, NC inspired the material sensibilities of this home.

2 Augusta Links Trail

2 Augusta Links Trail

The client requested an “edgy” lodge – one that would feel like an old national park lodge renovated with a modern aesthetic.