Trailhead - Huntsville AL - Johnston Design


Huntsville, AL

110 active senior apartments combine with retail, restaurant, and fitness storefronts to create a trailside, intergenerational mixed-use residential community supporting a healthy, active lifestyle and community connectivity.

Located in the Trailhead traditional neighborhood development and along Huntsville’s emerging urban bicycle trail, the community will offer a balance of active outdoor lifestyle and town center amenities.  Outdoor spaces include a roof terrace overlooking the town center streetscape, community garden, pool amenity, and bicycle barn.

[materials]: Masonry, terracotta rain screen

[walk score]:  60

[bike score]:  56


Architectural: Anu Rao, Kevin Davis, Scott Johnston

Structural: Arrowood and Arrowood

Landscape: Seamon Whiteside and Associates

Civil Engineering: Mullins

Electrical: Jackson Renfrow

Mechanical: Pinnacle

Additional Photos

Water Tower
245 E Broad