Greenville City Hall

Greenville, SC

Does downtown Greenville need another development with $2 million condos? We didn’t think so. Instead, our reimagining of Greenville’s City Hall makes a global statement, combining art, municipal government and entrepreneurship.

The design celebrates the inclusivity and opportunity that Greenville values most, while sending a clear message:  ”We, the city leaders of Greenville, embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and technology innovations at the core of our economic future.”

This will be a building in the heart of Greenville, at the center of Main Street, where technology entrepreneurs want to work. We envision it as a LEED Platinum facility, with a Net Zero energy goal for the common areas.


Glass curtain wall, limestone, solar photovoltaic array


Architectural: Zach Si, Anu Rao, Scott Johnston

Development Principals: Gary M. Shiffman, John M. Moore, Robert Blumenthal

Additional Photos

Greenville Federal Credit Union Headquarters