Lauren Kolb

Interior Designer

Lauren is an interior designer and graduate of Anderson University. She works on a range of projects, including cabinetry design, interior elevations and floor plans for high-end-residential, multi-family and commercial clients.

Lauren values the firm’s commitment to restorative design and how the culture celebrates the environment with its goals and intentions. Her design approach is driven by her sensitivity to cultures, occupants and environmental impacts. She believes that “whether in an interior or exterior setting, both function as a human environment. In well-designed spaces, the relationship between these settings will be conceptually seamless.”

Digital drawing, camping, rock-climbing/bouldering

Favorite destination
Red River Gorge in Kentucky (my favorite rock-climbing destination)

Favorite read
The lyrics from “Live with Less,” by John Craigie, and “How She Loves,” by Keyboard Dog.

Favorite quote
“Earth without art is just eh”
— JDG refrigerator magnet