Jon Haile

Project Architect

Jon Haile has joined us as a Project Architect working on residential and commercial projects. He earned his BA in Architecture at Clemson and is currently working on his registration.

Jon came to us, in part, for the opportunity to work on residential design. He was also interested in the close working relationships that a smaller, less corporate firm offers, both with colleagues and clients. And like everyone at Johnston Design, he believes in restorative design, which he describes as a “no brainer.”

“Everything requires balance,” Jon says. “I like the way this firm balances a wide range of projects, with residential, commercial and community work. And the way we combine experience with the freedom to explore new ideas.”

Hiking, Woodworking, Trivia

Favorite destination
Zion National Park

Recent read
Dichotomy of Leadership by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin

Favorite quote
“It is far easier to find quiet than to find peace. True peace must come from within oneself.” — Maj. Richard “Dick” Winters

Jon Haile - Johnston Design