Alekya Malladi

Architectural Designer

Alekya is an architectural designer, working on urban restoration, mixed-use and multi-family projects. She holds an MArch degree from UCLA and has an extensive background in 3D and architectural visualization.

She is currently working to complete her licensure and working on various projects, including the Greenville Gateway project. Alekya is a firm believer in benefits of restorative design and our collective commitment to economic and social justice.

I’m a cinephile and enjoy everything about movies —story telling, behind the scenes, VFX. I also enjoy reading, painting, cooking and exploring new places.

Favorite destination
Spain. I travelled there once and fell in love with everything — the food, the culture and the hospitality of the people.

Recent read
The Silent Patient — Alex Michaelides

Favorite quote
“Why do we Fall?
So, we can learn to pick ourselves back up.”
— Christopher Nolan