A re-imagined mountain site for a new house with a western view

The client had purchased a rundown house on Paris Mountain in Greenville, SC. The house didn’t have much of a view, but the site did.

Together, we settled on a bold move to position the new home on the footprint of the old pool. The client had the old home torn down and the woodland restored between the new home’s footprint and Altamont Drive.

Next, we moved on to capture the client’s vision of a modern mountain cottage. Our design combines expansive exterior spaces with progressive interior design features, creating a dramatic, yet unpretentious experience.

The new mountain view porch will protect the interior from the harsh western sun, while providing a stunning outdoor overlook. Architecturally integrated restorative design features include intentional day lighting and passive ventilation.

Design is wrapping up as we move to the preparation of construction drawings and interior design detailing. Stay tuned to see this home design come to life in 2021!

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