Juneteenth reminds us to join together to build a more peaceful and just future

We celebrate June 19 to honor that which is sacred in all of us. As one of our associates, Byron Jefferies, said, “I was happy to see more Juneteenth coverage in the news this year. It’s one of the most important events in our country’s history and often overlooked.”

He added, “I was enormously encouraged and humbled by a recent invitation to participate in a round table with my old Clemson University chapter of NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture Students). The discussion included students, faculty and alumni of both genders and many races.

“We aimed to create a dialog around an initiative at the School of Architecture for full implementation of a ‘Design for Justice’ concept. Initiatives like this make me hopeful.

“This moment in time has transformed many of us — young and old, black and white, professionals and students. We’re giving voice to a long-repressed sense of urgency, to speak up and work together, to make sure everyone has the same opportunities in life.”

May we all experience freedom!

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