It’s official. Luke Perry is now an Architect

Luke Perry - Architectural Designer - Johnston Design

Luke joined us in 2018 as an architectural designer and project manager. This year, the firm named him as an associate and he finally completed the paperwork for his architect licensure.

Congratulations, Luke! You’re officially an Architect.

As he notes, “This gives me an important credential. I can go after and lead projects that I really want to do.” Of course, he’s already busy, managing our Water Tower multi-family project by Hampton Station and the new Gateway project in downtown Greenville. He’s also working on custom residential designs.

As an Architect, Luke will design and manage budgets, schedules and regulatory compliance. He’ll continue to be a leader on our affordable housing work and community projects, while making sure that every building we design is beautiful. His commitment to restorative design and social justice makes him a leader in our firm and a role model for our younger colleagues.

Way to go, Luke! Read more about him here and see his work here.

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