The Green Laundry Lounge opens at the end of January

The Green Laundry Lounge

The combined laundry/lounge is as green as the name suggests.

The pandemic delayed its launch, but the Green Laundry Lounge is on track to open at the end of January. And the operations will be green from the front to the back of the house.

The laundry uses eco-friendly, sustainable Electrolux commercial washing machines. The dry cleaning uses non-toxic chemicals. The lounge’s silverware and cups are biodegradable. It’s all housed in a welcoming, well-lit space made with reclaimed wood and recycled metals.

We often say, “We won’t tell you how green your building should be.” We skipped that with Jay Desai, the Green Laundry Lounge’s developer. He wanted a maxed out, environmentally friendly, sustainable design and we were happy to deliver.

Luke Perry, who led the architectural effort, noted that the Green Laundry Lounge design supports the client’s vision for an eco-friendly business: “Our design strategies included natural daylighting, a future upgrade to solar thermal technology, and cost- and material-efficient pre-engineered steel construction using recycled materials.”

As Scott Johnston said, “Jay’s vision gave us the opportunity to implement restorative design ideas for small businesses that will become commonplace in the near future.”

Check out the latest update on the Green Laundry Lounge in the Upstate Business Journal.

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