About Us

We design in different
shades of green

We start with a blank canvas because we have no over-arching style. We prefer to collaborate in the development of climatically responsive designs that express our clients’ vision.

Our design process starts with you. We want to understand you and how you want to live and work in your built environment. Understanding what you love, what drew you to the site, and how you connect with your people and your world informs what we design for you.

We have no agenda.

We’re advocates of restorative design, but we won’t tell you how green your building should be. Instead, we’ll review the costs and benefits of various strategies, and you can tell us which shade of green is right for you.

When you see the benefits of restorative design — the way it honors the environment and creates a richer connection between you and your world — you’ll insist on it for yourself. Our work offers clients a realistic, economically viable approach to environmental stewardship, in a creative, technologically elegant solution that works within the bounds of practical project management.

Big Creek at Keowee Falls
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The Longleaf Pine Manifesto

The native longleaf pine, once a cornerstone of our ecology, is now in decline. It requires fire to reproduce and modern forest resource management prevents most forest fires, so we can produce more pulp wood and make more money.