Design combining two things that typically don’t go together

The Green Laundry Lounge will be part of The Palms at Brushy Creek.

Jay Desai is a man of vision. Take his latest inspiration, the Green Laundry Lounge. Part of his Palms at Brushy Creek development, the Lounge combines a high-tech laundromat with a cafe serving American-Indian fusion cuisine. You can feed quarters to washing machines, if you’re old school, or you can pay with your mobile phone. And while you’re washing your duds, you can enjoy cuisine from David Porras, local craft beers, wine and coffee from Due South Coffee Roasters.

Our challenge was to take these two things — a laundromat and a lounge — and combine them in a comfortable and welcoming space. We had to balance the functional, utilitarian concept of the laundromat with an attractive, stylish lounge. Each space had to work on its own, so you could come in to do a load of laundry or come in for coffee or a beer, and feel like you made the right choice.

We developed various design layouts for Jay and the look we settled on is modern, clean and inviting. Our restorative design, which includes reclaimed wood and recycled metals, will appeal to a wide range of demographics.

Plans call for The Green Laundry Lounge to open this summer. In the meantime, you can read the Upstate Business Journal article.

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